Alex is a Pro MMA fighter and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with 11 years of training experience. He has placed in various Bay Area Competitions, most notably The Gracie Worlds at the Rank of Blue Belt, Purple Belt and Brown Belt. He is a 3 time Gracie Worlds Champion. In 2015 Alex was a Brown Belt Absolute Division Champion for Gracie Regionals. He also took 2nd place at Black and Brown Belt division Championship in the 2015 Gracie Worlds Tournament.  


Gary is the head Muay Thai instructor. He has been training martial arts since he was 10 years old. He fought his first kickboxing bout in 1995, and has been training in Muay Thai since then. In 2003, Gary was hired to be the head instructor at American Self-Defense Gym in Milpitas. During that time, he has trained and cornered pro fighters that fought in Rumble On The Rock, K-1, UFC, ONE FC, etc. His goal is to spread his knowledge to whoever that wants to train either for fun, learn self-defense, get in good shape, or fight in competitions. During his spare time, Gary enjoys shooting pool and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


David was introduced to Muay Thai while in high school. Growing up with Amateur and Professional fighters he had his fair share of competitions. Later David became interested in training fighters from all levels. He's had the opportunity to corner Amateurs and Professionals. In doing such it has allowed him to travel around South East Asia for competitions in both Muay Thai and MMA.